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Lorenci Gjurgjaj

PhD Student Fellow
Nanomaterials for Biomedical Applications
Research center

Hello from Lorenci! As a chemist, I am deeply passionate about understanding Nature and Philosophy, so research and development is where I feel at home. My journey has spanned both industry and academia. I pursued my education at the Uni of Tirana (AL), and Uni of Maribor (SI), and had a scientific mobility at the Uni of Saarland (DE). Five years as a researcher at the Ivodent Academy (AL) were pivotal, honing expertise in high-pressure techniques, processing medicinal plants, and thermal characterization.
You can easily win my attention if you talk about Team management, particularly within the Agile mindset, if you use abbreviations like AI, ML, DL, AGI, LLM, IoT, and if you show me any trick in coding.
Currently, I am thrilled to be part of the NanoBio team at IIT, exploring the development and application of nanomaterials within the biomedical sphere. While this marks a new sector for me, my enthusiasm and motivation to excel in this novel adventure are unquestionable.